Remodelling your old and sentimental jewellery

Jewellery is often gifted to mark special occasions or events in our life and some are lucky enough to inherit jewellery from relatives and friends. While fashion and trends change and some pieces may no longer fit, have pieces missing or don’t reflect your individual style, remodelling your old jewellery using the old metal and or gemstones allows you to create a contemporary jewellery piece while maintaining the emotional connection to the piece. Recycling old jewellery is an ideal way to give your old jewellery a new lease of life and create your own design.

Remodelling your old jewellery

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When you book an appointment to visit the workshop we will meet to have a chat and considering why you wish to re-model whether for sentimental or monetary value and we can advise the best designs to get the most out of your pieces. We will weigh and review your old gold and gemstones to see what may be suitable for remodelling and take it from there. Please note that not all jewellery may be suitable for remodelling. 

We will look at what you might want to consider, if is a new ring with a more modern setting, a bangle or new earrings. There are lots of options to explore and when we agree what the new piece will do or say we can get working on designs.

After the initial conversation we will take some time to think about your brief and come up with some suggestions as to how the piece might take shape. Clients often find they have ideas post the initial consultation and can contact us to make amendments to the idea as well. We will draw up some sketches and send on to ensure that you are happy that the design in going in the right direction and advise if we need to add additional materials to the new design. 
An indicative quote will be provided at this stage.

A final sketch of the design and price will be discussed by appointment in person or sent to the client for final sign off. If the design includes a new gemstone there is the option to visit the store to select the stone for the piece. A deposit of 20% is requested at this stage and the balance is payable on collection. We also offer a facility to accept payments in stages. If there is excess metal you can choose to keep the metal to re use again or we can deduct the price of your scrap metal off the final price.

Once the design is agreed we will agree a timeframe for delivery we will commence to create the piece and will keep you up to date with progress via images and emails and document the transformation of your old jewellery to your brand new piece to wear for years to come. 

The lead time for remodelling orders is generally 5-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and when your individual piece is ready we will contact you to arrange collection or delivery by courier to your required location. 


Depending on the complexity of the piece the average time to remodel jewellery is 5-6 weeks although this depends on the complexity of the design. 

We can re-melt and remodel yellow gold and rose gold. White gold is more difficult to melt however we can value your white gold and trade it in as scrap metal against the cost of your piece. We generally do not re-melt silver as it is more cost effective to use new metal, however we can make exceptions when the silver holds sentimental value. 

There is no single answer to this question as each piece is different and it depends on the complexity of the design and the time it will take to make as well as the materials and gemstones used. At all times you have control of your budget and should the design evolve and changes are made we will not undertake work without advising you of any cost implications. After our initial consultation we will have an idea of the value of your old metal and or gemstones and the final price will be agreed before we start making the piece so you won’t be caught out. We ask for a 20% deposit on agreement of the design and payment on collection.
When we discuss your designs we can give an idea of the price of the piece in silver, gold or whatever is your choice and advise on what might be the best choice if it is to compliment an existing piece of jewellery. My work often incorporates precious, semi precious gemstones and diamonds and with over 30 years in the trade I have an established network of reputable and ethical stone dealers. If you have your own stone that you would like to include in the design we will review and let you know if it is suitable. We can also source stones if you require a particular shape or colour although this may impact the delivery date for the final piece.
While it may be useful to look at other pieces of jewellery that inspire you we do not create replicas of other designers work. We can discuss the elements that appeal to you and work them into your design if appropriate.
As clients are involved in the final design it is unlikely that you would not like the final piece however if there is something that you would like to adjust we will work with you to make the necessary adjustments. We haven’t had an unhappy client yet and will make sure you are delighted with your handmade piece before you leave the studio

To start the conversation about commissioning your bespoke piece of Irish designed and handmade jewellery please contact us at to schedule a studio visit, virtual consultation or phone call. We look forward to talking to you.

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Garrett Mallon Remodelling
Garrett Mallon Remodelling