“One day she will come into her own and then she will give each of us our heart’s wish”
An award winning sculptural jewellery collection that was inspired by the Irish legend of The Luck Child- a Celtic Fairy Child found wrapped in a golden mantle of flowers by three cattle herders of the High King of Ireland. They raised her as their own and believed she had magical qualities. There should be a more or + button which should lead to the text in the cells below. Each piece is accompanied with a story card recounting the legend and includes a section to personalise your message.
I came across this unusual story in my grandfather’s book collection when helping one of my children research Celtic legends for a school project. I was taken by the story of this wonder child and the imagery of a fairy like creature found wrapped in a mantle of golden flowers.

Tales like these should be treasured and not forgotten and creating a unique piece of jewellery that embodies the spirit of the story gives me great joy. The piece is very distinctive looking and often starts a conversation which then leads to the wearer recounting the story. One of the keys lines ‘One day she will come in to her own and bring us great joy’ is highlighted in the accompanying story cards and the piece has been given from parents to their daughters on weddings days or at a christening.