Irish Heart Collection

Irish Heart Collection


I am very proud of my “Irish Heart” collection, as part of a partnership with the Irish Heart Foundation. A percentage from all sales from this collection will be donated to the Irish Heart Foundation. My family and I have received enormous support over the years from the Irish Heart Foundation, and as a father I wanted to contribute in some small way. I created this collection, where a gold heart is safely cocooned in a silver dome, to reflect the unwavering support my family and I have received from them, and to say thank you. I hope this will make people more aware of the work of the Irish Heart Foundation, and trust that the proceeds of the sales from my collection will help others in some way.

CEO of the Irish Heart Foundation Tim Collins commented, “We are grateful to Garrett for using his talent to create such a beautiful collection, which represents the support he and his family received from the Irish Heart Foundation. We encourage people to purchase a piece from the Irish Heart collection as a percentage of sales will go directly to supporting, educating and advocating for the thousands of people who are affected by heart disease and stroke each year.”

To find out more about the Irish Heart Foundation and the supports they offer click on the link below:

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